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Nismo Racecar vs. Roller Coaster – Which pulls more Gs?

Here at 171 Nissan we love our adrenalin pumping roller coasters just as much as the next family! It wasn’t very long ago that we were hitting the six flags gates (RIP Six Flags New Orleans) every weekend to in order to feel the thrill of those hairpin turns and sudden drops! But what do we do when we want a more adrenalin, more Gs, and more speed? Well many would believe the next step is a racecar…but do you pull more Gs in a racecar or during a hairpin turn of a roller coaster? Well Nissan’s Nismo sent two of their green horn drivers, Jann Mardenborough and Mark Shulzhistkiy,  out to an amusement park in the UK with a few dashboard cams and some g-force meters to see if you get a bigger pull on a rollercoaster or in the cockpit of a Nismo racecar!

You can view part two of this awesome video here, but it looks like in order to get the most g-force and the most excitement, nothing beats the thrill of Nismo racecar cockpit! Although some coasters may come close!