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Nissan slows down their Autonomous Car Plans

Not long ago, Nissan’s CEO Carlos Ghosn struck out in a speech and stated the company’s plans to have full autonomous cars by no later than 2020. After this statement, many car enthusiasts and industry leaders (although skeptical) were excited to see what Nissan may have in store for the future and even more excited for the changes this could bring to the auto and travel industries as a whole. Nissan escalated the energy levels by revealing a self driving LEAF prototype as proof of their plans to quickly have these new vehicles hit the road as soon as possible. With these plans finally out in the open, our inner child and imagination ran wild with idea of future self driving cars and how much closer that may have us to the Jetson’s way of travel!

Sadly, during a speech in Japan, Mr. Ghosn stated that Nissan’s plans for self driving cars are going to be tapping the brakes and would take longer than originally planned. Another speed bump in the future of this technology is that instead of created a fully automated vehicle; Nissan now says it will slowly rollout more and more automated technologies over the next few years which will slowly build into a full autonomous car. The good news is that none of this means we won’t be getting our self driving cars, merely that we may just have to wait a few more years before we’ll be able to watch a movie or take a nap as the car drives itself safely to our destination.