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Follow the Nissan Leafs 1,500 Mile Journey across the Country

The Nissan Leaf is certainly popular; here at 171 Nissan, we’ve got loads of first-hand experience to prove that. However, as countless interchangeable pop songs, summer blockbusters, and silly YouTube videos constantly remind us, things that are popular aren’t always good quality as well. How about the Nissan Leaf, then, you ask? Well, we’re about to find out, thanks to the folks at the North Sound Electric Vehicle Association.

Tyrel Haveman, president of the association, is taking the Nissan Leaf on a 1,500 mile journey—a journey that stretches from his home base in Washington down to the southern California border then back home again—starting September 1. In a blog post, Tyrel explained his motivations for the trip, calling it “an opportunity for us to take time away from the daily grind, explore a small corner of the world, and show that it can be done in a LEAF.”

This year, Tyrel has even set up a web site that allows you to follow the Leaf’s progress on the trip, monitoring the car’s location and battery charge level, among other things. If you follow the Nissan Leafs 1,500 mile journey, or just come see us at 171 Nissan, we’re sure you’ll come to agree with us—and Tyrel—that the LEAF can help you accomplish just about anything you set out to do.