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Nissan Engineers Created One-of-a-Kind Electric Pickup Truck

If you’ve ever owned a pickup truck, you probably got frequent calls from family and friends asking if they could borrow your truck. A pickup’s usefulness is obvious, which is why a couple of Nissan engineers had a little fun and designed a one-of-kind electric pickup to use around Nissan’s Stanfield, Arizona testing facility.

Two engineers, Roland Schellenberg and Arnold Moulinet, took charge of the project and essentially smashed together a Nissan LEAF, Frontier, and Titan to create this awesome little truck. The front and rear ends are undeniably from a LEAF, and the team left the powertrain as-is. They then sandwiched a Titan pickup roof and a shortened bed from a Frontier between the LEAF parts. They also gave it some cool extra touches, including wood bed slats and some sharp-looking wheels.

Unfortunately, this awesome design won’t be coming to showrooms any time soon, but it is amazing to see what the mind of an engineer can come up with.

Do you think an electric pickup truck would ever find success?