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Nissan’s Car Sales in October Show No Sign of Slowing Down


Nissan’s car sales have been doing great thanks to the LEAF, Rogue, and more.

Nissan’s car sales in October have been booming! Last month in North America, the brand’s sales increased by 13%. The tiny LEAF contributed to this success, having a 29% increase in its sales. Plus consumers have bought a record-breaking 24,411 LEAFs in 2014 so far. The International Business Times reported that Nissan’s US sales and marketing senior vice president, Fred Diaz “expects higher consumer confidence and lower gasoline prices will continue to boost auto sales for the last two months of 2014.”

Nissan’s midsize crossovers, the Rogue and Murano, had sales increase into the double-digits and the brand hasn’t had to work hard to sell its 2014 Murano in order to make room for the new 2015 model.  The Frontier has also received some action; its deliveries increased by 25% in September. Nissan reported that, based on current sales numbers, it’s expecting to see a further increase in auto sales for the month of October.

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