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New Nissan Sway Concept Rings in the Future at Geneva Motor Show

This year, Nissan is easily the talk of the Geneva Motor Show, thanks to a beautiful new European hatchback concept design. The new Nissan Sway Concept, in fact, is more than just a very, very cool new subcompact hatchback (although it is that); it’s also a huge, exciting look into the future of Nissan small car design. Therefore, while we probably won’t see the Sway in production anytime soon—especially not in America—we can still expect to see its influence spread across the Nissan lineup soon.

The Sway concept has a very gracefully sloping front end design—in fact, the slope starts almost halfway down the vehicle and glides all the way to the trapezoidal front grille. The new Sway concept is garnering comparisons to the iDX concept, but we’re more excited about this one—even if it currently doesn’t really have an engine.

On the interior side, the Sway sports special concept features like uniquely designed front seats, a sporty steering wheel, and more interior room than you might expect. It’s also got the “V-Motion grille,” boomerang headlamps, the “deformed X-structure” of the roof, and even orange accents for extra style points. Check out the Sway online, and then come see us at 171 Nissan to learn more about Nissan small cars of the present and future today.