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Nissan Tests Car-Sharing Network With Tiny Two-Seater EV

Busy Street with CarsOne common trait of new technologies is they always seem to get smaller and smaller. Surely there are limitations to this though, right? After all, phones can only get so small before they get too difficult to use, and cars still need the room for occupants.

That isn’t stopping Nissan, though. The Japanese company has announced they will conduct a trial run of the “Ultra-Compact Mobility Certification System,” which is a car-sharing network for residents of the Sakonyama Danchi District in Yokohama City.

The vehicle they are using is tiny, yet somehow has the space to carry not one but two passengers. The goal is to gauge the value of ultra-compact EVs as short-range modes of transport that can complement public transportation and hopefully help revitalize large-scale urban and suburban commuting methods.

In Louisiana, we have little use for such a car, but it’s still nice to see Nissan racking its brain to help short-range commuters in congested cities. One day, when these EVs have more range, we may even see them at 171 Nissan!