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Nissan GT Academy is a Function of Gran Turismo

Nissan GT Academy

People are often quick to criticize video game enthusiasts as lazy or uninspired. Saying things like “playing video games will never get you anywhere in life.” While this might be true in some instances, it certainly isn’t true when it comes to Nissan’s GT Academy.

In case you don’t know, the Nissan GT Academy is a function of the Playstation car racing game “Gran Turismo.” Known for its authenticity, “Gran Turismo” provides players with one of the most realistic driving experiences available. In fact, it is a driving experience so realistic that Nissan is using it to produce drivers for the cars they sponsor on professional circuits.

The GT academy is a free download where people can compete with other online racers to post the best times. If you do well enough, you may potentially get the opportunity to compete/star in episodes of Nissan’s GT Academy on Spike. The winner will eventually earn the chance to race on the professional circuit.

In addition to being really good at the video game, you’ll need to know the cars you’ll be driving inside and out. That means you’ll have to be an expert on the Nissan 370Z as well as the Nissan GT-R. Also you’ll have to be physically able to handle driving a racecar at 200+ miles per hour for hours at a time.

So while we here at 171 Nissan aren’t saying it will be easy, you could possibly become a professional speed demon by playing video games.