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Nissan Expands Successful “ No Charge to Charge ” to 25 Markets

Nissan has just announced that its “ No Charge to Charge ” promotion, which has so far enjoyed great success in Texas, will be expanded to 25 U.S. markets, covering more than 80 percent of all Leaf sales.

No Charge to Charge will allow Leaf owners to charge their new car at no cost over the next two years, with a few limitations. Nissan will provide EZ-Charge cards that can be used as all-access cards at various EV charging stations, including ChargePoint, Blink Network, AeroVironment, and NRG eVgo.

Leaf owners can charge up to 30 minutes for free at CHAdeMO stations and up to an hour at Level 2 stations. According to Nissan, 30 minutes is enough to get the average driver’s battery back up to 80 percent charge.

Nissan intends to launch “No Charge to Charge” in the 10 top Leaf markets on July 1, 2014, and then expand to at least 15 additional markets in 2015.

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