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Future Nissan models will contain new Android Auto

Fully integrated technology and connected cars are everywhere. Each new model year car companies release newer and newer technologies to help drivers and passengers stay connected and to make your long hours spent in the car as comfortable as possible. For the past few years, Apple controlled the market as far as in car technology systems but not for long. Google is now coming out with the Android Auto which will allow the driver to integrate their smart phone systems via the dashboard exactly like the current models, except this new system will be based on the android system (obviously).

The new Android Auto will contain plenty of new and well known voice controls for the stereo, climate control, smart phone apps (including texting) and music in order to reduce driver distraction while on the road. Not only will familiar apps be available, but developers will be able to create custom apps to further the experience to places never before expected. Nissan and several other OEMs have already jumped on the band wagon to offer this new system, with many industry experts expecting more and more to follow suite in the near future. We can’t wait to see this new technology in one of our brand new Nissan’s here at 171 Nissan! Which model do you think will get it first?