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How to Handle Engine Failure

Imagine driving down the street, and just as you’re cruising through a stoplight, your engine shuts off. Engine failure can be caused by a number of factors, from running out of gas to having a faulty fuel pump or alternator. In a moment that could leave you panicked, knowing the steps to take will help keep you calm and in control. used a test track to determine the best way to handle such a scenario, and although it’s incredibly unlikely this would ever happen to you, their findings are worth tucking away. When your car engine quits, you’ll lose power steering and eventually power brakes, but don’t panic. With extra effort, you’ll still be able to direct and stop the car.

As you slow down, steering will get more difficult, but it will still be possible to steer the car. Before directing your car out of traffic, try to restart your car. It’s worth trying, and will save you a ton of effort if it starts back up. If not, look for a safe stopping place to direct the car.

Safely and slowly guide the car to a safe landing zone. You’ll lose power braking after a few pumps, so try to stop as soon as possible and use your emergency brake of you need to.

Once you are safely stopped, put your flashers on, breathe easy, and call for a tow-truck and a ride for yourself.

Engine Failure

With any engine trouble or engine failure, get your Nissan serviced right away.