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Nissan Lucasfilm Partnership to Promote “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story”

Nissan RogueNissan was thrilled to announce earlier this month that it has teamed up with Lucasfilm to promote the newest Star Wars movie.

Lucasfilm is releasing the first ever standalone Star Wars film this winter on December 16. Called “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,” the production company plans for it to be the first in a series of standalone films, beginning a new era for the franchise and for Lucasfilm.

“Rogue One” is the story of a group of people tasked with the mission of stopping the Empire from building a new Death Star by stealing the plans from their ship. None of them Force users, the group must use their wits and other skills to accomplish the task, showing that it’s possible for normal people to do extraordinary things.

To promote the film, Lucasfilm has brought together five major brands: Nissan, General Mills, Verizon, Gilette, and Duracell. Lucasfilm expressed that these five brands will develop campaigns that will “match the tempo and tone of the overall marketing campaign” for “Rogue One.” Each brand will develop a unique campaign, and ultimately the five will be linked together for the overall campaign.

Nissan hasn’t announced any specific plans for the campaign, though some have speculated it will use the Nissan Rogue. We also don’t know if the Nissan Lucasfilm partnership will continue for future standalone Star Wars films.

Nissan and Mitsubishi Combine Forces

Nissan Mitsubishi

As Mitsubishi has struggled to maintain its hold in the automotive market, and with recent discrepancies in Mitsubishi’s mileage testing, its future has taken a dark turn.  In light of this, Nissan has stepped in and had purchased a 34% stake of Mitsubishi to salvage Mitsubishi and combine efforts.  Nissan and Mitsubishi will be joining forces, and we believe this will develop into a beautiful relationship!

This 34% stake gives Nissan control over Mitsubishi because of the ways laws in Japan work.  This alliance stands to provide great benefits for both companies:  Mitsubishi will gain the backing of a great company that can offer advice to advance their brand, and Nissan will gain a strong ally in technology and in the field of EV vehicles that Mitsubishi has developed successfully over the past few years.

Time will only tell what will become of this alliance, but for us at 171 Nissan, we hope that this will bring great vehicles to our customers, ranging from sedans, SUV’s and more.  If it’s anything like the Nissan-Renault alliance from 1999, then we can hope this will bring great things to both Nissan and Mitsubishi.

To learn more about our current lineup of Nissan models available for sale, stop in to 171 Nissan today!


Nissan Tests Car-Sharing Network With Tiny Two-Seater EV

Busy Street with CarsOne common trait of new technologies is they always seem to get smaller and smaller. Surely there are limitations to this though, right? After all, phones can only get so small before they get too difficult to use, and cars still need the room for occupants.

That isn’t stopping Nissan, though. The Japanese company has announced they will conduct a trial run of the “Ultra-Compact Mobility Certification System,” which is a car-sharing network for residents of the Sakonyama Danchi District in Yokohama City.

The vehicle they are using is tiny, yet somehow has the space to carry not one but two passengers. The goal is to gauge the value of ultra-compact EVs as short-range modes of transport that can complement public transportation and hopefully help revitalize large-scale urban and suburban commuting methods.

In Louisiana, we have little use for such a car, but it’s still nice to see Nissan racking its brain to help short-range commuters in congested cities. One day, when these EVs have more range, we may even see them at 171 Nissan!


Nissan Donation Supports Six Historically Black Colleges and Universities


College StudentsNissan has announced a donation of $250,000 to six Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU), expanding Nissan’s previous partnerships with HBCUs. The Nissan Donation funds will be used in support of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) programs at each of the following schools: Alcorn State University, Coahoma Community College, Jackson State University, Mississippi Valley State University, Rust College and Tougaloo College.

“These six institutions have a rich history of continuously advancing their programs to enhance their student’s educational experience. This contribution continues Nissan’s commitment to HBCUs and to diversity, education and service in our community,” said, Jeffrey Webster, Director of Diversity and Inclusion in a statement.

Together with Nissan executives, U.S. Representative Bennie Thompson will present representatives from each school with resources for promoting STEM initiatives, with the intention of inspiring and supporting up-and-coming talent.

“I am very proud of the work our HBCUs are doing to develop the scientists, engineers and innovators of tomorrow,” said U.S. Representative Bennie Thompson. “As one of the largest manufacturers in our state, Nissan understands the need to prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s opportunities. I applaud their demonstrated commitment to our community and look forward to their continued support in the future.”

Here at 171 Nissan, we are proud to support a program that provides opportunities for this country’s future engineers and thought-leaders.


Nissan LEAF Sales Continue to Shatter Records in 2014

Nissan LEAF Sales

Nissan LEAF sales continued to be the envy of every competing automaker as the plug-in EV shattered yet another sales record, with 30,200 LEAF vehicles sold in 2014—the most of any plug-in EV and the first time any plug-in has sold more than 30,000 units in a single year.

This new record was punctuated by incredible growth.  Nissan sold 3,102 LEAFs last December, up 22.7% from last year and setting a new record. It seems as though every month we sell more LEAF’s than the last at 171 Nissan.

And it’s no small wonder. With MPG ratings of 126 city, 101 highway, and 114 combined, the LEAF has exceptionally low operating costs—and with the available $7,500 federal tax credit, even the starting cost is a bargain!

“From the beginning our vision was to bring electric vehicles to the mass market in a practical and fun-to-drive package,” said Brendan Jones, director of Nissan Electric Vehicle Sales and Infrastructure, “which is what makes Nissan LEAF the best-selling electric car in the world.”


Nissan VP Predicts Multiple Engines for the Newest Nissan Z

Nissan 370Z

Nissan 370Z

The car industry is known for having a world-renowned rumor mill that is, more times than not, correct. The newest rumor coming up the car industry’s grapevine is one that is sure to make all fans of the Nissan 370Z excited. Recently, Nissan VP, Roel de Vries, told Australia’s CarAdvice he thinks the 370Z “doesn’t need a V6” to deliver great performance numbers. While many people might consider this to be de Vries stating that the next generation Z won’t come with a V7, many others believe that this means there will be multiple engines for the newest Nissan Z.

The coupe currently has a 3.7-liter V6 to power its small frame, but de Vries believes to sell this sexy car in Europe, Nissan needs to also offer a four-cylinder. Even Motor Trend magazine has gotten in on the rumor action, reporting the next Z would offer “a mixture of smaller but powerful engines,” one of which could be a hybrid.

What engines do you think Nissan should offer for the next generation Z? Share your thoughts with 171 Nissan below!


Nissan Titan Truckumentary Looks at the Evolution of the Model

There’s no denying that the Nissan Titan is one hard-working, tough truck. Nissan is taking a closer look at the Titan’s evolution in a new video series called the Titan Truckumentary.

Nissan has released a teaser video to prepare for the series, which will begin in mid-December. More than a dozen videos will be released over the coming year in preparation for the next-generation Titan.

“The ‘Truckumentary’ is not meant to be the all-encompassing last word on Titan,” said Chief Product Specialist for the next-generation Titan, Rich Miller, in a statement. “Rather it’s the continuing story of the vehicle’s evolution, accompanied by a close look at the American-based team that is bringing this all-new truck to market.”

In the series, we’ll learn about how the Nissan Titan came to be, it’s progression over the years, and the future of the Titan, including the Cummins diesel engine that will be available soon.

What features or capabilities do you hope to see in the next-generation Nissan Titan?


Craigslist Maxima: A Story for the Ages


When you make a short film that’s designed to poke a little fun at the marketing strategy of the maker of a certain car, it’s got to come as quite a surprise when that automaker is the one to step in and support your endeavor.

It was surely a surreal moment for Luke Aker when Nissan contacted him. He had made a short film about his 1996 Nissan Maxima as a funny way to promote it after he offered it for sale on Craigslist.

The film features various close-ups of the car, looking quite derelict: torn interior, ripped bumper and a strap holding the hood in place. This contrasts with the voiceover describing the car—in a low, quiet, serious tone—as luxurious.

The video went viral, racking up 200,000 views in the first week.  Eventually, someone at Nissan saw it and the automaker contacted Aker to make an offer. Certainly, he first thought someone was pranking him.

Nissan not only purchased the car from Luke, the company also donated $1,000 to his charity of choice. As if that wasn’t enough, Nissan went on to fix up the car, now known as the Craigslist Maxima, and give it back to Luke.

We here at 171 Nissan simply love this story and urge you to check out the original video here! It is certainly amusing.


Nissan’s Direct Adaptive Steering Wins Technology of the Year Award


Technology and innovation once again came to the fore when Nissan’s Direct Adaptive Steering (DAS) technology won the RJC Technology of the Year award for 2014-2015.

The world-first DAS is currently only available on the Skyline sedan sold in Japan, though we doubt it’ll be long before Nissan ports it over to local models we can sell here at 171 Nissan.

The way the DAS system works is electronically transmitting the driver’s inputs to the car’s wheels through a steering sensor integrated with a compact motor—with no reliance on a steering shaft. The advantages are plenty: the steering feels smoother and more responsive, and because it reduces unnecessary feedback from road surfaces, the system is arguably safer as well.

The nonprofit Automotive Researchers’ and Journalists’ Conference of Japan, or RJC, lauded the technology for its innovative performance and as “an important step forward for the future of autonomous driving.”


Nissan Canton Assembly Plant Now Home to Globally-Exported Murano

Nissan Murano

The 2015 Nissan Murano is built at the Nissan Canton assembly plant and shipped all over the world.

Last year, Nissan’s assembly plant in Canton, Mississippi celebrated its tenth anniversary. This year, the plant is celebrating another milestone: its debut as a global manufacturer. The Nissan Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant is now home to the globally exported 2015 Nissan Murano.

This is the first time the Murano has been manufactured in the United States and brings the automaker closer to reaching its goal of producing 85% of the vehicles sold here in the States in North America.

In addition to sending the newly-redesigned crossover to dealers in the States like us here at 171 Nissan, the Murano is shipped from Nissan Canton to over 100 markets.

“Since I started with Nissan 11 years ago I’ve watched this plant grow, and I’ve had the opportunity to work on some of Nissan’s most popular vehicles,” said Christina Doss, a technician at Nissan Canton and one of the Murano launch team members. “It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come, and now that we’re producing the Murano here, I get to tell friends and family that I work on vehicles that are shipped around the world.”

Congratulations to the Nissan Canton assembly plant! We can’t wait to receive our shipment of the 2015 Murano.