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New Nissan Pickup Production to Double in South Africa

Nissan LogoNissan is always looking to tap into growing markets around the globe. Most recently, the automaker laid plans to increase production of a new Nissan pickup production at its South African plant. Set to begin in 2018, production of the new Nissan pickup will double the factory’s current annual output.

The factory, which is located in Rosslyn, north of Pretoria, produces about 40,000 vehicles every year. Once the latest model begins production, that number is expected to rise to 80,000 vehicles per year.

South Africa has become a hotspot for Nissan and many other automakers, including Ford and Volkswagen. The country currently uses state provisions to attract new companies. The program will be extended past 2020 and qualification for the program will fall to 10,000 vehicles produced annually.

As for 2015, the number of vehicles produced in South Africa is expected to rise above 620,000 units. In 2014, 277,491 vehicles were produced in South Africa. That’s an enormous difference in any industry.

Nissan will likely announce more details about plans for a new pickup truck in early 2016.  We want to know what’s to come of the new Nissan Pickup here at 171 Nissan!  Tell us what you think about this truck and what your speculations are!

Nissan Canton Assembly Plant Now Home to Globally-Exported Murano

Nissan Murano

The 2015 Nissan Murano is built at the Nissan Canton assembly plant and shipped all over the world.

Last year, Nissan’s assembly plant in Canton, Mississippi celebrated its tenth anniversary. This year, the plant is celebrating another milestone: its debut as a global manufacturer. The Nissan Canton Vehicle Assembly Plant is now home to the globally exported 2015 Nissan Murano.

This is the first time the Murano has been manufactured in the United States and brings the automaker closer to reaching its goal of producing 85% of the vehicles sold here in the States in North America.

In addition to sending the newly-redesigned crossover to dealers in the States like us here at 171 Nissan, the Murano is shipped from Nissan Canton to over 100 markets.

“Since I started with Nissan 11 years ago I’ve watched this plant grow, and I’ve had the opportunity to work on some of Nissan’s most popular vehicles,” said Christina Doss, a technician at Nissan Canton and one of the Murano launch team members. “It’s amazing to see how far we’ve come, and now that we’re producing the Murano here, I get to tell friends and family that I work on vehicles that are shipped around the world.”

Congratulations to the Nissan Canton assembly plant! We can’t wait to receive our shipment of the 2015 Murano.


Nissan Continues to Expand Worldwide, Beginning Production in Nigeria

Nissan has made a major investment in Lagos, Nigeria, setting up a new production facility following the new Nigeria Automotive Policy, which is aimed at stimulating growth in the nation’s auto industry. A Nissan Patrol was the inaugural vehicle, rolling off the production line on May 7th.
According to a recent article, the new production facility marks another major milestone in Nissan’s plan to expand into high-growth markets. As a part of their plan to achieve eight percent profitability by 2016, the automaker has already opened plants in Mexico and Brazil and additional plants are currently underway in Indonesia, Thailand and China. Nissan has also announced plan to build in Myanmar, the first automaker to do so since their economy opened up last summer.
Takashi Hata, Nissan senior VP and chairman for the Africa, Middle East and India region, told Autocar UK: “For Nissan, Africa is our strategic growth driver. Demand for cars is growing quickly in African markets as demonstrated by the first model being produced a mere seven months after the announcement of the new Automotive Policy. By acting quickly to begin production in Nigeria we are securing for ourselves first-mover advantage.”
Nissan is proud and excited to be a major player in the economic growth of Nigeria and Africa, where the finance, retail, communications, and film industries are booming. The automaker expects to double their sales on the continent of Africa by 2016, and Nigeria will be a major player in meeting that goal.

Nissan production

Nissan production