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Month: March 2014

The Popularity of the Nissan LEAF Keeps Growing

Nissan LEAF

If you own a Nissan LEAF, you are part of a global movement which started in 2010 when the company first introduced the world to its electric car. Now, just four years later, the Nissan LEAF is the best-selling electric vehicle in history.

To celebrate the more than 100,000 cars sold, 50,000 of which were sold in the US alone, Nissan is running the “Real Owners, Real Answers” campaign. As you probably figured out from the title of the campaign, it will feature the actual answers of actual Nissan LEAF owners; obtained through a crowd-sourcing effort and a dynamic website.

If you go to the website, you can see various questions that have been posted, such as “Why Did You Choose the LEAF over Other Vehicles?” and “Have You Saved Money Driving Your Nissan LEAF?” You can even watch an amazing video on using a Volcano to charge your Nissan LEAF. Then by clicking the questions you can see a list of how people genuinely responded. It is a very interesting way to get peoples’ opinions on the LEAF and allows them to feel a since of ownership of the brand they’ve come to love.

With the Nissan Leaf reportedly saving an estimated $28 million in gas costs, since 2010, what’s not to love? Join the movement for yourself and purchase an all-electric Nissan Leaf. Then you too can participate as one of the actual Nissan LEAF owners in the “Real Owners, Real Answers” campaign.

Nissan GT Academy is a Function of Gran Turismo

Nissan GT Academy

People are often quick to criticize video game enthusiasts as lazy or uninspired. Saying things like “playing video games will never get you anywhere in life.” While this might be true in some instances, it certainly isn’t true when it comes to Nissan’s GT Academy.

In case you don’t know, the Nissan GT Academy is a function of the Playstation car racing game “Gran Turismo.” Known for its authenticity, “Gran Turismo” provides players with one of the most realistic driving experiences available. In fact, it is a driving experience so realistic that Nissan is using it to produce drivers for the cars they sponsor on professional circuits.

The GT academy is a free download where people can compete with other online racers to post the best times. If you do well enough, you may potentially get the opportunity to compete/star in episodes of Nissan’s GT Academy on Spike. The winner will eventually earn the chance to race on the professional circuit.

In addition to being really good at the video game, you’ll need to know the cars you’ll be driving inside and out. That means you’ll have to be an expert on the Nissan 370Z as well as the Nissan GT-R. Also you’ll have to be physically able to handle driving a racecar at 200+ miles per hour for hours at a time.

So while we here at 171 Nissan aren’t saying it will be easy, you could possibly become a professional speed demon by playing video games.


Nissan Sets Records for February Sales

Seeing as February is missing two to three days compared to the rest of the months, we at 171 Nissan often wait with bated breath for the month’s sales reports — how did we do with fewer days to reach our goals? This year, however, we exhaled triumphantly when Nissan Group released the numbers. Selling over 105,000 vehicles, Nissan broke February sales records. What were we worried about?

With 105, 631 units sold, last month’s sales increased 16.7 percent over the numbers reported for the same period last year.

Sales were led by the ever-popular Nissan Altima and the all-new 2014 Rogue, which has only been on the market for three full months. Combined, the two models accounted for more than 48,000 vehicles with new owners.

The two weren’t the only stars in Nissan’s diverse lineup, however. Both the all-electric LEAF and Frontier jumped in sales by over 100 percent; and the trendy Juke saw sales rise 83.7 percent to record the best sales seen during any month.

Now that we’ve made it through the shortest month of the year, we’re excited to see how sales improve when we have a few more days in the month.


The New Look 2015 Nissan JUKE on Display in Geneva This Week

At this week’s 2014 Geneva Motor Show, Nissan unveiled a new look  for their JUKE compact crossover. The JUKE, which already had a look unlike any other vehicle on the market, now boasts a redesigned front and rear face, sportier design, upgraded interior, and all-new engine options.

On the outside, the 2015 Nissan JUKE gets the new brand grille, which features newer and tougher trim below the bumper. The rear bumper is now more aggressively-shaped in order to compliment redesigned boomerang taillamps and give the JUKE an instantly recognizable look even at night. The new JUKE also comes available in ten colors—including the brand new Sunlight Yellow metallic, Ink Blue metallic, and solid Red (yep, just Red).

The remodeled interior features a center console inspired by a motorbike motif, available personalization packs for greater customization, and a 40 percent boost in luggage space (for two-wheel drive models).  The latter means that the JUKE will have a segment-leading 12.5 cubic feet of storage capacity, confirming the crossover’s utility usefulness.

As far as performance goes, the European JUKE will get three engine options. First, there’s the Renault Alliance-made, turbocharged and direct-injected 1.2-liter DIG-T, which is expected to generate 110 horsepower and 140 lb-ft of torque. Secondly, there’s an enhanced version of the 1.6-liter DIG-T, which puts out about 187 horsepower. Finally, the 1.5-liter dCi diesel and its 108 horses are largely unchanged.

The 2015 Nissan JUKE is scheduled to hit Europe later this summer, so it’s entirely likely that it will end up right here at 171 Nissan by the time it gets good and hot in August. When it arrives, come on down and we’ll be sure to treat you to a test drive!