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Month: May 2014

How to Handle Engine Failure

Imagine driving down the street, and just as you’re cruising through a stoplight, your engine shuts off. Engine failure can be caused by a number of factors, from running out of gas to having a faulty fuel pump or alternator. In a moment that could leave you panicked, knowing the steps to take will help keep you calm and in control. used a test track to determine the best way to handle such a scenario, and although it’s incredibly unlikely this would ever happen to you, their findings are worth tucking away. When your car engine quits, you’ll lose power steering and eventually power brakes, but don’t panic. With extra effort, you’ll still be able to direct and stop the car.

As you slow down, steering will get more difficult, but it will still be possible to steer the car. Before directing your car out of traffic, try to restart your car. It’s worth trying, and will save you a ton of effort if it starts back up. If not, look for a safe stopping place to direct the car.

Safely and slowly guide the car to a safe landing zone. You’ll lose power braking after a few pumps, so try to stop as soon as possible and use your emergency brake of you need to.

Once you are safely stopped, put your flashers on, breathe easy, and call for a tow-truck and a ride for yourself.

Engine Failure

With any engine trouble or engine failure, get your Nissan serviced right away.

Nissan Gifts Loyal Customer with Nissan Micra Upgraded Almost 30 Years

Until a few days ago, Karen Ackroyd was the proud owner of a 1987 Nissan Micra. When she went to her local Nissan in Woodbridge, Ontario, earlier this month that all changed. One of Nissan’s most loyal owners drove home in a new 2015 Nissan Micra instead.

Ackroyd went to the dealership to take part in an interview about her vehicle fondly named “Baby.” She is known at the dealership for how well she takes care of her car.

Before she knew it, she was being handed the keys to a new 2015 model by the president of Nissan Canada, Christian Meunier, himself.

“When Micra first launched in Canada in the early 80s, it was touted as having ‘major headroom and visibility,’ being “fun to drive’ and ‘the newest and most affordable Nissan.’ Almost three decades later, these traits remain absolutely true for the new Nissan Micra,” said Meunier. “It’s wonderful to see a dedicated fan of the first Micra model in Canada come full circle. The 2015 model is hugely upgraded in terms of modern amenities, safety and technology features, but the core Micra characteristics are still there.”

What an upgrade.

Ms. Ackroyd probably experienced some sadness at parting with her long-time friend, but we at 171 Nissan are confident she is quickly adjusting to her new “Baby 2” and will care for it just as well.





New Murano Design Language Reveals Nissan’s Future

The third-generation Nissan Murano will be hitting dealerships before long, including ours here at 171 Nissan, and it will be sporting an all-new look. The Murano has always been one of the most stylish vehicles on the road—that’s been the Murano’s calling card, in fact—and Nissan has simply improved on that for the next-generation and new model year.

The new Murano has features that are shaped to call a jet to mind, and the car itself marries together that same sense of form and function that jet planes have. The new Murano also hints towards a bright future for Nissan vehicle design. “At Nissan, design is our brand promise, a promise that pulls people into our vehicles where they will be treated to an exciting driving experience,” Nissan senior vice president and chief creative officer Shiro Nakamura said. “As the first of our new concept-based production vehicles coming to market, Murano sets our new standard.”

It’s quite a standard to live up to, but here at 171, we’re very confident in Nissan’s ability to reach that standard. Come in today to check out the beautiful display of Nissans in our inventory.

2014 Nissan Murano

The 2015 Nissan Murano will have a new look compared to the already popular 2014 design


Nissan Continues to Expand Worldwide, Beginning Production in Nigeria

Nissan has made a major investment in Lagos, Nigeria, setting up a new production facility following the new Nigeria Automotive Policy, which is aimed at stimulating growth in the nation’s auto industry. A Nissan Patrol was the inaugural vehicle, rolling off the production line on May 7th.
According to a recent article, the new production facility marks another major milestone in Nissan’s plan to expand into high-growth markets. As a part of their plan to achieve eight percent profitability by 2016, the automaker has already opened plants in Mexico and Brazil and additional plants are currently underway in Indonesia, Thailand and China. Nissan has also announced plan to build in Myanmar, the first automaker to do so since their economy opened up last summer.
Takashi Hata, Nissan senior VP and chairman for the Africa, Middle East and India region, told Autocar UK: “For Nissan, Africa is our strategic growth driver. Demand for cars is growing quickly in African markets as demonstrated by the first model being produced a mere seven months after the announcement of the new Automotive Policy. By acting quickly to begin production in Nigeria we are securing for ourselves first-mover advantage.”
Nissan is proud and excited to be a major player in the economic growth of Nigeria and Africa, where the finance, retail, communications, and film industries are booming. The automaker expects to double their sales on the continent of Africa by 2016, and Nigeria will be a major player in meeting that goal.

Nissan production

Nissan production


One in Six Car Shoppers Skip the Test Drive

In today’s digital age, it seems that a new trend is developing: skipping the test drive. Americans are turning away from the old-fashioned buying cycle of visiting several dealerships to learn about a car and compare prices, kick tires on the lot, and test drive the car before deciding. Today, shoppers go straight to the internet: a virtual showroom with more information than they could ever get before.

Today, customers can research reviews on cars (and dealerships), price compare, even get virtual overviews of the car from the comfort of their own home. Most buyers know what car they want, how much they’re willing to pay for it, and what dealership they’ll go to, all before they ever set foot in a dealership.

A recent study by DMEautomotive surveyed 2,000 car shoppers to gain perspective on their buying habits. The study found that 33 percent of shoppers test drove only one car – they knew what car they were going to buy before they ever even got into it. The test drive was likely a formality, just to make sure everything they already knew about the car held true.

16 percent of shoppers skipped the test drive altogether, a surprising statistic to most. It seems odd that you wouldn’t give your new car a spin before committing tens of thousands of dollars to it, right? The fact is, customers feel confident in their purchase based on the research they’ve done. Four out of five people polled had visited more than 10 websites in completing their research.

While the trend to skip the test drive may be growing, we still recommend you take the time to make sure the car you want is the right fit for you. There’s just no replacing the experience of getting behind the wheel for yourself.

Visit 171 Nissan to test out one of our cars – you won’t be disappointed!