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Month: July 2014

Nissan slows down their Autonomous Car Plans

Not long ago, Nissan’s CEO Carlos Ghosn struck out in a speech and stated the company’s plans to have full autonomous cars by no later than 2020. After this statement, many car enthusiasts and industry leaders (although skeptical) were excited to see what Nissan may have in store for the future and even more excited for the changes this could bring to the auto and travel industries as a whole. Nissan escalated the energy levels by revealing a self driving LEAF prototype as proof of their plans to quickly have these new vehicles hit the road as soon as possible. With these plans finally out in the open, our inner child and imagination ran wild with idea of future self driving cars and how much closer that may have us to the Jetson’s way of travel!

Sadly, during a speech in Japan, Mr. Ghosn stated that Nissan’s plans for self driving cars are going to be tapping the brakes and would take longer than originally planned. Another speed bump in the future of this technology is that instead of created a fully automated vehicle; Nissan now says it will slowly rollout more and more automated technologies over the next few years which will slowly build into a full autonomous car. The good news is that none of this means we won’t be getting our self driving cars, merely that we may just have to wait a few more years before we’ll be able to watch a movie or take a nap as the car drives itself safely to our destination.

Nismo Racecar vs. Roller Coaster – Which pulls more Gs?

Here at 171 Nissan we love our adrenalin pumping roller coasters just as much as the next family! It wasn’t very long ago that we were hitting the six flags gates (RIP Six Flags New Orleans) every weekend to in order to feel the thrill of those hairpin turns and sudden drops! But what do we do when we want a more adrenalin, more Gs, and more speed? Well many would believe the next step is a racecar…but do you pull more Gs in a racecar or during a hairpin turn of a roller coaster? Well Nissan’s Nismo sent two of their green horn drivers, Jann Mardenborough and Mark Shulzhistkiy,  out to an amusement park in the UK with a few dashboard cams and some g-force meters to see if you get a bigger pull on a rollercoaster or in the cockpit of a Nismo racecar!

You can view part two of this awesome video here, but it looks like in order to get the most g-force and the most excitement, nothing beats the thrill of Nismo racecar cockpit! Although some coasters may come close!


Nissan’s Longer No Charge to Charge Deal

Nissan and their EV vehicles, the Nissan LEAF, have gained a lot of popularity thanks in part to their No Charge to Charge incentive program which was introduced during the New York Auto Show. For new LEAF owners in this program, drivers are offered free charging at participating public charging stations for the first two years. By offering such helpful programs, such as no charge to charge, to better ease new EVE consumers into the world of charging stations, the 2014 Nissan LEAF and similar year models have seen a rather large increase in sales over the past few months.

Brendan Jones, director of Nissan EV sales and infrastructure, told “There is an expectation that we’ll get a sales increase out of this…all the dealer has to say is that we have one card that accesses all chargers and we have a promotion where you can get free charging. The more complexity we reduce, the more sales we get.”

Not only will this lead to increased sales, but as stated before, many new consumers of EV cars are hesitant due to the pretty major transition they have to make and this program can grease the wheels of that transition. With 2,600 public charging stations in the current 10 markets where the Nissan LEAF is available, Nissan is making sure to make the transition to greener cars is as easy as possible for new drivers; and the no charge to charge program is a key component to that plan.


Future Nissan models will contain new Android Auto

Fully integrated technology and connected cars are everywhere. Each new model year car companies release newer and newer technologies to help drivers and passengers stay connected and to make your long hours spent in the car as comfortable as possible. For the past few years, Apple controlled the market as far as in car technology systems but not for long. Google is now coming out with the Android Auto which will allow the driver to integrate their smart phone systems via the dashboard exactly like the current models, except this new system will be based on the android system (obviously).

The new Android Auto will contain plenty of new and well known voice controls for the stereo, climate control, smart phone apps (including texting) and music in order to reduce driver distraction while on the road. Not only will familiar apps be available, but developers will be able to create custom apps to further the experience to places never before expected. Nissan and several other OEMs have already jumped on the band wagon to offer this new system, with many industry experts expecting more and more to follow suite in the near future. We can’t wait to see this new technology in one of our brand new Nissan’s here at 171 Nissan! Which model do you think will get it first?