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Month: September 2014

Nissan Engineers Combine a LEAF and a Frontier

Somebody should give Nissan Durability & Reliability experts Roland Schellenberg and Arnold Moulinet a medal, because they’ve crafted something that is completely unique by creating a shop truck that combines the all-electric power of the LEAF with the utility of the Frontier pickup.

Also, they call it Sparky.

Did we mention that we’d really like to drive it?

“We tried to keep it a secret and be exciting for everybody. But we have visitors and they come and they see that truck and they go straight to ‘what is it?’ and they start looking at it, and it makes great conversation,” said Roland Schellenberg, Nissan Durability & Reliability.

Why they would want to keep something this amazing a secret is beyond us, but we are glad that it has finally seen the light of day.

Schellenberg and Moulinet created Sparky as part of a team-building exercise that was to result in a shop truck to use around the 3,050 acre Technical Center in Stanfield, Arizona. By that accord, they succeeded with flying colors. They also succeeded in stealing our hearts.

“Being a slick truck, and not so tough, I see it as a boy – but a boy with a heart. It’s something that we all put together. We all share. So it has a little bit of everybody in there,” said Schellenberg.

We love the idea of sharing at 171 Nissan, and we encourage the good folks at Nissan to share the wealth with us and consider making Sparky a part of its lineup somewhere down the road. We’ll even throw in a hearty “pretty please with sugar on top” just for good measure. Make this happen.

National Drive Electric Week Shines Spotlight on Nissan

Technically, September 15-21 is “National Drive Electric Week,” but, here at 171 Nissan, we think it’d be more apropos to simply call it “National Drive the Nissan LEAF Week.” In any case, the Nissan brand is certainly taking the opportunity to shine the spotlight brightly on its EV fleet, especially the LEAF. There are over 60,000 LEAF owners in the United States alone and many of them were out to celebrate their favorite car this week.

“With more than 60,000 U.S. sales and 50 percent market share among pure EVs this year, Nissan is the natural sponsor of National Drive Electric Week,” said Toby Perry, Nissan’s director of Electric Vehicle Marketing. “At events across the country, drivers of Nissan LEAF and other electric cars will get together to spread the word about the benefits of driving electric – lower operating costs, zero tailpipe emissions and they are just fun to drive.”

If you feel left out of the festivities this week, there’s an easy solution. Just come see us here at 171 Nissan and we’ll introduce you to the great green love of your life: your very own Nissan LEAF. You’ll be blissfully avoiding gas stations and celebrating driving electric—not just for a week but the whole year round—in no time.


Nissan Vehicle Sales Set Record in August

The Nissan Group makes some of the world’s greatest vehicles—from efficient and powerful EVs to reliable sedans, all the way to pickup trucks—and customers responded to the Group’s excellent lineup by buying new Nissan vehicles in record numbers this August. Nissan vehicle sales topped out at 134,188 units in the month, which was 11.5% better than last year, and achieving an August sales record for the automaker.

Let’s break down that number a little further to show you just how impressive the sales month was, as well as which vehicles were the most popular with new car customers. Nissan Division itself also set an August sales record with 125,224 units sold, which was an increase of over 15% over last year. Four different vehicles—the Rogue, LEAF, Altima, and Sentra—were all up at least 20% for the month.

Even the Nissan Altima got in on the fun, moving 32,153 units—another August record—good for a 3.8% increase in sales for the month. All these Nissan vehicle sales numbers simply add up to one fact: it’s a great time to buy a new Nissan vehicle, so come see us today at 171 Nissan to find the perfect one for you.


Nissan Electric Vehicles Expand Partnership with Orange in France

Nissan, proud maker of the Nissan Leaf, the world’s best-selling EV, knows just how important to the electric market is to the future of the automotive industry. That’s why the company recently announced that they’ve expanded their partnership with Orange, a world-leader in telecommunications. Nissan has reached an agreement to provide over 200 EVs to Orange, making up a large percentage of its French fleet.
“Thanks to the partnership between Renault and Nissan, the Alliance is able to provide Orange with the widest range of electric vehicles to meet its needs – from subcompact passenger cars to light-commercial vehicles,” said Christian Mardrus, Alliance Executive Vice President for Renault-Nissan B.V. and the Alliance CEO Office. “More Orange employees will soon be able to enjoy the many benefits of electric mobility: zero noise, smooth handling and acceleration, and zero tailpipe emissions. And the vehicles can be fully recharged with renewable energy at night, so they can be 100% charged every morning.”
If you’re looking for an EV of your own, you don’t have to book a flight to France and interview for a job with Orange. Just come see us at 171 Nissan and become part of the green revolution today with any of the great Nissan electric vehicles.


Follow the Nissan Leafs 1,500 Mile Journey across the Country

The Nissan Leaf is certainly popular; here at 171 Nissan, we’ve got loads of first-hand experience to prove that. However, as countless interchangeable pop songs, summer blockbusters, and silly YouTube videos constantly remind us, things that are popular aren’t always good quality as well. How about the Nissan Leaf, then, you ask? Well, we’re about to find out, thanks to the folks at the North Sound Electric Vehicle Association.

Tyrel Haveman, president of the association, is taking the Nissan Leaf on a 1,500 mile journey—a journey that stretches from his home base in Washington down to the southern California border then back home again—starting September 1. In a blog post, Tyrel explained his motivations for the trip, calling it “an opportunity for us to take time away from the daily grind, explore a small corner of the world, and show that it can be done in a LEAF.”

This year, Tyrel has even set up a web site that allows you to follow the Leaf’s progress on the trip, monitoring the car’s location and battery charge level, among other things. If you follow the Nissan Leafs 1,500 mile journey, or just come see us at 171 Nissan, we’re sure you’ll come to agree with us—and Tyrel—that the LEAF can help you accomplish just about anything you set out to do.