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Month: May 2015

Tire Maintenance Tips for a Safe Spring and Summer

TiresThe winter months can cause serious damage to your tires – tires that will need more tread than ever during the rainy spring season. Proper tire maintenance can help you prevent hydroplaning, fuel waste, and the dreaded flat tire.

Here are some tire maintenance tips to get you started:

  • Be sure to get your tires (and entire vehicle, for that matter) looked over regularly by a professional, who will notice things that you do not.
  • Keep your tires inflated to the amount indicated inside the car door. Try to get as close to the appropriate number as possible, and remember that over-inflation and under-inflation are both bad for your tires.
  • If you are noticing that your vehicle seems to be pulling to one side, the problem is likely due to one or more of the tires. Be sure to identify the culprit and get the issue solved.
  • Learn the penny trick to evaluate your tires’ tread, and be sure to get new tires if necessary.

How do you make sure your tires are well-maintained? Let us know at 171 Nissan your ideas in the comments. We hope that these tips will help you keep your car in the best shape possible!

The Redesigned Nissan Murano Gets Sleeker, Safer

2015 Nissan MuranoThe redesigned Nissan Murano just hit the streets, and the folks at the Huffington Post took one for a spin. Changes for the new design seemed to go over quite well during a test run in Northern California.

The styling of the 2015 Nissan Murano got a little more sculpted this time around, creating an “overall sleeker” vibe over the last generation. The Post also noticed that in addition to the new styling, the Nissan crossover grew in size just a bit, making it not too shabby for hauling. There’s “39.6 cubic feet behind the second row” and when the backseats are folded down, “69.9 cubic feet for hauling.”

When it comes to all trim levels of the new Murano, “safety is standard.” Each model includes innovative safety features such as a rearview camera and an active front head restraint. Spring for an upper trim version and you’ll get blind spot warning and moving object warning.

The Huffington Post declares that Nissan has “upped its game in many ways” this year, putting together a “sexy redesigned model” that is an “easy ride” with “better gas mileage.”  We are impatiently awaiting its arrival here at 171 Nissan. Tell us what you are most anxious to see in the new 2016 Nissan Murano!