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Month: September 2015

Delicious Delicacies from Louisiana

People and Food

Louisiana is one of the best places in the country for food. Here, you can find delightful dishes that you can’t find anywhere else in the country, especially since no grocery store imitations can quite match the original! Here is a list of delicious delicacies from Louisiana:


This is one fun dish. The name itself is even fun to say! Jambalaya is traditionally a combination of shrimp, sausage, and chicken, mixed in with long-grain rice. Simmered for a long period of time with tons of spices, it’s the perfect treat if you truly want to experience Cajun culture.


Another rice-based dish, gumbo is steamed with okra and dark stock. Seafood gumbo comes with shrimp. For land-lovers, you can’t go wrong with chicken and sausage gumbo! Regardless of the meat included in gumbo, you can’t go wrong with this tasty treat.


For Louisiana food on the run, the best sandwich around is a Po-Boy. The signature ingredient of this dish is long French-style bread. From there, fill it with your favorite meat, though typically they are filled with shrimp. Add some remoulade sauce, and you have a delightful meal right in your hands!


After a hearty Southern feast, beignets are the perfect desert. Pillow-y pieces of dough are showered with powdered sugar to create the best way to cap off a Louisiana-style meal!

Do you have a favorite Louisiana treat? Share it with us at 171 Nissan below!

Nissan Supplies College Students with Cars through Enterprise CarShare

College Students

Many recent high school graduates are headed off to college.  For these students, the transition to college can be a difficult one. One of the most difficult things about college is finding somewhere to park on campus. Nissan is determined to help out with that.

According to a press release from Nissan, the automaker has teamed up with Enterprise CarShare to supply universities around the country with Nissan vehicles.

“The Enterprise CarShare program offers a convenient way for college students, faculty and staff to enjoy an extended test drive of a wide range of Nissan vehicles and to experience ‘Innovation that excites’ firsthand,” said Fred Diaz, senior vice president of Sales & Marketing and Operations for Nissan North America, Inc., in the press release.  He goes on to say that, “for those about to graduate and recent graduates, we’ll be there to support the transition into the working world with our College Grad program when they are ready to purchase a new Nissan car, SUV or truck.”

The deal with Enterprise will supply over 90 campuses nationwide with Nissan vehicles that can be used for car sharing. What makes the deal even better is that through December 31, students can rent these vehicles for just $5 an hour.

Over the last few years, the number of Enterprise CarShare vehicles on college campuses has dramatically increased by 20%. With Nissan’s help, it looks like this number will continue to grow!  Tell us at 171 Nissan what you think about Nissan’s latest endeavor!