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Nissan LEAF Sales Continue to Shatter Records in 2014

Nissan LEAF Sales

Nissan LEAF sales continued to be the envy of every competing automaker as the plug-in EV shattered yet another sales record, with 30,200 LEAF vehicles sold in 2014—the most of any plug-in EV and the first time any plug-in has sold more than 30,000 units in a single year.

This new record was punctuated by incredible growth.  Nissan sold 3,102 LEAFs last December, up 22.7% from last year and setting a new record. It seems as though every month we sell more LEAF’s than the last at 171 Nissan.

And it’s no small wonder. With MPG ratings of 126 city, 101 highway, and 114 combined, the LEAF has exceptionally low operating costs—and with the available $7,500 federal tax credit, even the starting cost is a bargain!

“From the beginning our vision was to bring electric vehicles to the mass market in a practical and fun-to-drive package,” said Brendan Jones, director of Nissan Electric Vehicle Sales and Infrastructure, “which is what makes Nissan LEAF the best-selling electric car in the world.”

Nissan Delivers Top Fuel Efficiency for Truck Customers

Nissan’s 2014 mid-size Frontier pickup and full-size Titan were named to Edmunds’ list of the Top 9 Most Fuel-Efficient Trucks for 2014. We at 171 Nissan are pleased to afford our customers with this valuable feature.

“People have associated pickup trucks with low gas mileage for many years, but we’re defeating that stereotype,” said Nissan Chief Marketing Manager & Marketing Operations vice president, Dan Mohnke.

“We’ve worked hard to produce pickups that not only provide excellent towing capability and ample cargo space, but also impressive fuel efficiency. This recognition by Edmunds validates our efforts to make fuel efficiency a priority across all platforms, from sedans to pickups.”

After a tie for first place, the Nissan Frontier sits in the second place spot on the list of gas-only trucks with its combined EPA rating of 21 mpg. The 2014 Titan rests at number nine with 15 mpg combined.

With the efficiency these trucks boast, you don’t have to let gas prices keep you from getting the most out of your Nissan pickup.