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It’s Official: 200,000 Nissan Leaf Models Have Sold Worldwide

2015 Nissan LEAF

The Nissan Leaf has been one of the most popular vehicles on the market ever since it was first introduced in 2010, but now, Nissan can officially announce an enormous milestone.

Nissan has sold more than 200,000 Nissan Leaf models globally. Breaking it down, about 90,000 of those Nissan Leaf models were sold in the United States alone, while about 50,000 more were sold in Europe.  That’s an outstanding number of LEAF models sold in just 5 years!  If we break the numbers down that about 40,000 Nissan LEAF’s sold each year!

Thanks to the innovative design of this environmentally conscious vehicle – which gets an MPGe of 126 in the city and 101 on the highway – this sales figure translates to 330,000 tons of carbon-monoxide not emitted.   So these high numbers are great for Nissan and even better for the environment.

It’s safe to assume that the stellar Nissan Leaf sales will continue throughout the coming years, as the 2016 Nissan Leaf is more fuel-efficient, powerful, and feature-heavy than ever, on the heels of a 2015 model that earned numerous awards and titles.

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Nissan Earnings Forecast Raised After Successful First Quarter

NissanAfter seeing a huge jump in their quarterly profit from October to December, Nissan actually raised their earnings forecast for the fiscal year, which looks to be a successful year for the Japanese auto company.

In fact, their quarterly profit increased by an astonishing 21 percent, which many are citing as a result of the cheap yen.  This has seriously impacted sales overseas. U.S. sales are reportedly strong as well, particularly that of the Rogue and Altima.

Nissan now expects to earn about $3.5 billion in profit this fiscal year through March, whereas previously, they were only expecting to achieve around $3.4 billion. Those numbers are pretty close, but you have to remember – we’re talking about billions here.

Weak yen aside, Nissan’s spectacular sales are also due in part to their positive association with electric cars, like the Nissan Leaf. Though sales of the Leaf are still low compared to more conventional models, it remains one of the most popular electric cars in the world.

It’s no surprise that the Nissan earnings forecast have raised, and perhaps, it could even get pushed higher as their winning streak continues.


Nissan Vehicle Sales Set Record in August

The Nissan Group makes some of the world’s greatest vehicles—from efficient and powerful EVs to reliable sedans, all the way to pickup trucks—and customers responded to the Group’s excellent lineup by buying new Nissan vehicles in record numbers this August. Nissan vehicle sales topped out at 134,188 units in the month, which was 11.5% better than last year, and achieving an August sales record for the automaker.

Let’s break down that number a little further to show you just how impressive the sales month was, as well as which vehicles were the most popular with new car customers. Nissan Division itself also set an August sales record with 125,224 units sold, which was an increase of over 15% over last year. Four different vehicles—the Rogue, LEAF, Altima, and Sentra—were all up at least 20% for the month.

Even the Nissan Altima got in on the fun, moving 32,153 units—another August record—good for a 3.8% increase in sales for the month. All these Nissan vehicle sales numbers simply add up to one fact: it’s a great time to buy a new Nissan vehicle, so come see us today at 171 Nissan to find the perfect one for you.