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800 Students Opt Out of Common Core Testing

Nearly 800 students plan to skip a round of Common Core Testing in the Lake Charles area and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop them. Students have the option to opt out of the tests. In all 318 elementary and 458 middle school students will not be taking part.

BooksThe problem comes down to school performance scores and, by extension, funding. The total number of students opting out comes to 6% of the total students scheduled to be tested. When a student opts out of the common core testing, it counts as a zero for the school. In turn, this could affect the No Child Left Behind funding. Representative Brett Geymann is leading the battle against Common Core standards.

This isn’t the first set of reforms the area has seen recently. The Board of Elementary and Secondary Education approved a $36 million increase in state aid for public schools. The funding also sets new rules for how public school teachers are evaluated with less emphasis on student performance.

The Lake Charles students represent only 0.2% of test takers and only two schools. State Superintendent of Education John White said, “We don’t just govern two schools. We govern 1,400 schools.” Whether any changes will be made to Common Core Testing remains to be seen.